We're in the midst of a mass extinction crisis. The latest technology can help.

We're finding out how and taking action.

What we do:

1. Collect case studies

We work with innovators in wildlife conservation, globally, to better understand their wins and challenges, as well as develop a community of passionate and talented people.

2. Identify opportunities

We will distill what we learn into 1-3 advanced technology projects (Machine learning, drones, etc.) that can have scalable and profound impact.

3. Take action

We will select the right partners and talent to build sustainable, scalable, high-quality technical solutions.

Case Study Spotlight:

Detecting plastic litter in natural environments

The Ocean Cleanup is using artificial intelligence algorithms to identify and remove plastics from natural environments before they harm wildlife.

Is AI the right tool for you?

Would your conservation project benefit from a system that improves performance by learning from experience?

Are you looking to perform tasks in complex environments without constant guidance by a user?

If you have answered yes to the previous questions, check out the resources section!

Our Values

  • We think the preservation of species is of utmost importance
  • We believe artificial intelligence will be crucial for wildlife conservation
  • We're better together; we'll only succeed as a community