About us

We are an independent, global, and non-profit organisation based in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Our Goal

To support and advocate about the research and application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for wildlife conservation worldwide.

Why wildlife.ai is needed

AI is going to be one of the most important technological advances in human history. However, the application of data-intensive algorithms for wildlife conservation is currently limited due to insufficient guidance, scarce multidisciplinary collaborations, and lack of general support.

Our Approach

To ensure AI is openly applied around the globe to protect ecosystems and species, we:

  • Support with funding, labor, guidance, and logistics to individuals and organizations applying artificial intelligence for wildlife conservation.
  • Advocate the applications and benefits of applying data-intensive algorithms for the conservation and protection of species worldwide.
  • Provide an open and inclusive platform for innovators in wildlife conservation to engage and communicate their wins and challenges.


Victor Anton @vykanton

I am a nature and technology enthusiast who enjoys learning and sharing conservation stories with others. While doing my PhD, I discovered how machine learning can help scientists better understand complex ecosystems. Since then, I have been fascinated with the various applications of AI to research and manage biodiversity worldwide.

Joshua Yellin

I am an outdoor adventurer, who is passionate about helping startups succeed. I love exploring how cutting-edge technologies can be used for social and environmental good, particularly in finding out the full extent of what AI can do for the environment.

Amy Brasch

I enjoy connecting people with nature. I am excited to see how AI is facilitating species conservation and the potential application in future projects. I am also interested in exploring the social impacts of using this technology.

We are growing and looking for like-minded people to join us!

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