About us

Wildlife.ai is a charitable trust based in Tauranga, New Zealand.

Artificial intelligence is going to be one of the most important technological advances in human history. However, the application of data-driven algorithms for wildlife conservation is currently limited due to insufficient guidance, scarce multidisciplinary collaborations and lack of general support.

Ensure artificial intelligence is safely, ethically and openly applied around the world to prevent the human-induced extinction of species.

Educate people about the applications and benefits of using artificial intelligence for the protection of species worldwide.

Provide support to individuals and organisations using any form of artificial intelligence for wildlife conservation.

Support with funding, labor, guidance and logistics to conservation practitioners and researchers to use artificial intelligence in their projects.

Develop open educational resources for students to learn about artificial intelligence, native biodiversity and wildlife conservation.

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Our team

Dr. Victor Anton
Dr. Victor AntonGeneral manager
Nature and technology enthusiast who enjoys learning and sharing conservation stories with others. While doing his PhD, he discovered how machine learning can help scientists better understand complex ecosystems. Since then, he has been advocating for the use of new technologies to research and manage biodiversity worldwide.
Joshua Yellin
Joshua YellinBoard member
Outdoor adventurer passionate about helping startups succeed. Josh loves exploring how cutting-edge technologies can be used for social and environmental good, particularly in finding out the full extent of what artificial intelligence can do for the environment.
Amy Brasch
Amy BraschTreasurer and secretary
Amy enjoys connecting people with nature. Excited to support conservation projects to use new technologies, she is particularly interested in exploring the social impacts of artificial intelligence.
Aimee Whitcroft
Aimee WhitcroftBoard member
Nationally and internationally known advocate for what she calls #openX – open data, open government, open access, open source and so on. Aimee mixes these with her passion for privacy advocacy and data governance and strategy.
Esther Roberts
Esther RobertsEducation designer
Esther supports education providers by developing courses and creating learning materials. Her goal is to take a learning opportunity and package it in a way that is engaging to the learner. She has a particular interest in creating new ways of learning within high schools in New Zealand.
Bar Vinograd
Bar VinogradData Science Expert
Bar is a machine learning consultant who works with startups and companies on core research problems (NLP, Computer Vision and Anomaly Detection). As an active community member, Bar frequently give talks about machine learning, mentors at the Google AI Launchpad and teaches and advises at the Israel Tech Challenge. Bar has a great love for nature and wildlife, he is a Divemaster and a avid collector of South African flora.
If you have a passion for animals and skills that can help achieve our mission, get in touch with us.

Our rules

We have captured the rules of Wildlife.ai in our trust deed. These rules guide our efforts to ensure we achieve our vision.